Natura Knjaz Milos works for you.
In 2007, Natura Knjaz Milos came into existence. The values are the same from the very beginning; longstanding tradition, quality, experience, strenuous work, and – maybe most important – the enthusiasm of the company employees made us become in less than two years an unprecedented leader in selling and distribution of water that is used with water coolers. Today we cover whole Serbia. Our eight sales centers distribute water and other products every day to 15.000 consumers. And they are all equally important. Our water – Aqua Una – arrives to your homes and offices every day. By using our services, you will have more comfort, both at work and home. Our distribution network covers whole Serbia. Send us an e-mail or give us a call – and in the least time possible we will deliver a water cooler (or several of them), water and all other products from our offer. A delivery is really provided “to the door”, of your home or business premises, with provided service. Only one call will save your money and time, improve your productivity at work, provide extra energy and – sure enough – regularly provide you with prime, pure and natural water and refreshing coffee.