Knjaz Milos Portfolio

Knjaz Milos is an absolute leader at the market of mineral waters and non-alcoholic drinks. Beside Aqua Una water, we also bring Cedevita to your address, as well as all other Knjaz products for supreme natural refreshment, such as: carbonated natural mineral water Knjaz Milos, soft natural mineral water Aqua Viva, energy drinks Guarana and juices Golf and Gusto. A complete portfolio can be seen in the photo below.

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Instant Beverages

Vitamins that you need every day

CEDEVITA granules are kept in the most stable form, protected from negative external influences. Mixing them with water immediately before consumption provides the best vitamin absorption. So, be certain that the beverage that you prepare with aqua Una water will give you plenty of vitamins and an extraordinary refreshing taste of CEDEVITA!