Natural Mineral Water

One water for all seasons. It has been scientifically proven that our organism needs at least two liters of water per day. Depending on the physical activity, as well as on the external temperature, even a stress level, this quantity should even be greater. Regardless of your way of life, Aqua Una is an ideal choice. It comes to you in bottles of 18.9 liters and you can drink it unlimitedly. We deliver it to your address free of charge.

”8 glasses a day” – a health formula

Your health directly depends on the quality and quantity of water you drink! Water is the main part of human body and not one biochemical and metabolic process in the organism can run without water. It regulates body temperature, enables more intensive oxygen absorption, conducts nerve impulses and improves the kidney function. This makes Aqua Una your best ally: you need 8 glasses of Aqua Una water a day to relax, concentrate on your work or only – to enjoy yourself. Our job is to deliver quality water to your address in the least possible time. Certainly, that is not all: through us, you can also order cold and hot beverages, as well as coffee.


Aqua Una is noncarbonated natural mineral water with low content of soluble mineral substances and with low content of sodium. It is your support in improving metabolism of body fluids and rehydration of the whole organism. That is why it is perfect for everyday use and is recommended to everyone.