For Natura Knjaz Milos, Aqua Una water filling is done by a company “Mioni” d.o.o. in its plant in the village of Kljuc, near Mionica.

Aqua Una is natural water of the premium quality with perfectly optimal chemical content. It has low content of soluble substances and low level of sodium. It contains optimal ratio of minerals, salts and oligo elements, which enables smooth functioning of body fluids metabolism, and at the same time, better rehydration. Thanks to its characteristics and mineral content, it is ideal for everyday use and is recommended to all categories of consumers. Therefore, respect the health formula: 8 glasses a day.

Ingredients Mg/l
Residue after evaporation at 180°C 322
Bicarbonates HCO3- 402
Iron Fe <0.05
Calcium Ca2+ 62.1
Magnesium Mg2+ 32.8
Fluorides F- 0.11
Chlorides Cl- 1.6
Sulfates SO42- 14.2
Sodium Na 16.2
Potassium K 2.3