Within the company Natura Knjaz Milos THERE IS a service department with qualified personnel, so that we can always be at your disposal.

In order not to miss any moment of enjoyment in Aqua Una water, in case of any malfunction that requires to be repaired at the service, you will get a usable replacement cooler.

Big advantage of our service is that we also repair different models of water coolers of other producers, so that if you want Aqua Una water, we can certainly help you.

In those cases we always recommend examination and sanitation of the cooler, in order to be sure that the quality of Aqua Una water will stay unchanged during passing through the cooler.


Sanitation of the cooler is performed periodically and it includes disinfection by oxygen of the parts through which water runs. As well as the service of installing, repairs and possible replacements of spare parts are done by our competent staff.

The importance of this service is remarkable because that is the only possible way to preserve a steady quality of water that runs through the cooler. For water coolers at business premises, we recommend 3-4 sanitations a year, while for those at your home we recommend 2-3 sanitations.