For your home, we offer you only the best. Depending on the water consumption in your family, free-standing coolers that we supply are compressor or thermoelectric, exibiting equally high-quality and reliability. If you spend up to two bottles of Aqua Una water a month in your household, you will get a thermoelectric water cooler for usage, and if your usage excells 4 or more bottles, we will deliver you a compressor cooler. The basic difference between them is that compressor coolers have a larger volume of a reservoir and use the principle of cooling which enables larger quantities of water to be cooled in a shorter time.

Both kinds of coolers allow you to, at any moment and in the least possible time, make a hot beverage or refresh yourself with cool Aqua Una water. Hot water is heated up to 85-95°C degrees, and is cooled to 5-10°C. A modern design of the coolers makes them fit for every space, and they are available in grey or white color. Delivery and installation of the coolers is done the following working day upon receiving a purchase order or according to agreed date.