User Packages

We adapt our offer to your real needs and always recommend the most optimal solution. Depending on the number of the employees, the number of the necessary coolers and water consumption, we allow certain discounts to the price of water and provide special terms of invoicing and payment.

Large companies with an expanded network of business units are enabled to, through only one phone call or an e-mail to only one address, order, besides water, all other necessary cold and hot beverages, after which we will deliver the products according to the delivery schedule.

If you decide to rent a cooler, a 12-month contract is to be signed.

If monthly water consumption amounts to 5 or more liters per cooler, you get not to pay for a cooler rental.

If you want to possess a free-standing compressor water cooler, you can buy it at a price of only 150 euros in the dinar countervalue.

The warranty period lasts 24 months, and if you buy several coolers, we can allow you a rebate for advanced payment. The delivery is provided within 24 hours from the reception of the order.